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Born and raised in TN. Always had a passion for sports and music. My musical interest recently(past 2 years) bacame an addiction. Once I am finished with work, I turn to my home studio for my fix. MPC2500 is my weapon of choice, FL Studio, Korg Triton and Korg Micro synth. Korg Koassilator and Koas pad, Akai XR20 drum machine as well (very cool little machine, highly recommend the XR20).
Any sport will also do the trick for me. Mainly MMA. I have been training in BJJ and Wrestling for almost 15 years now. Been in several instructional videos with MARK HATMAKER. Just Google search for MARK HATMAKER and our MMA videos will come up.

Hope to meet some people to collaborate with here, as far as music and possibly training.


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