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I guess I've lived a normal life in most respects, except for: my college years were 1966-1970 (what a time for coming of age) / born ADD when that was a character flaw or something / being an artist with highly visual thought waves / loving many types of music (but no musical gifts) **AND** I adore experimental art forms and anyone who shares that passion **Serendipity or intelligent design?** My life feels like it's reached the point where I want to learn to drive with a stick and do handbrake turns, slides! Then go meditate on that new experience. These videos are a great visual aid for my meditations! Peace & Love to All


  1. Musical Man
  2. Gtactics Camera
  3. Snowboarder Magazine
  4. Michael Coleman
  5. Polyvore
  6. James Chappell
  7. nexus
  8. Trim Editing
  9. Jacob Brcic Photography
  10. Greg Vaughan
  11. Tom Lowe
  12. Jordan Bruner
  13. Big Active

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  1. Leslie Tamayo commented on Blue Lotus
    I imagine a cool video for this music. Instead of actors, it's an arty collage effect with newsprint against solid black. Maybe it's two people waiting for a bus? Do people still do that?