Richard Gomes

Okaya City, Nagano, Japan

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Film has always been an interest, a hobby, and a dream of mine to be apart off. I enjoy all aspects of film making, from the storyboards to the filming followed by the many hours of grinding your final product out in post.

I live in Nagano-Japan and I'm currently doing my own projects in my free-time, but look forward to meeting new people, groups, and collaborating with others who have any interest in film. Also, my time in Japan has afforded me the opportunity to visit a variety of different countries, thus I have had the chance to see and film different aspects of others people and cultures. The most fascinating places that I have been to are India, Vietnam and Thailand, to name a few.

I am looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for the world of film.

Cheers and happy shooting!



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