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  1. After 9 months, I have a concern that Vimeo may be stalled out on this important issue. Matt, would you give an ETA for arrival of filtering features? Link:
  2. When we start to implement Mature Content rating into side-wide search, we'll let users know!
  3. We also use Vimeo for client and investor presentations of the video's we've made. We use an Apple TV 2, and when it is not in use, Vimeo lists videos on our screen of Nudity and inappropriate stills for videos. This makes Vimeo a very unprofessional…
  4. Hi Bill. It's something we're working on as we alluded to here:
  5. As a school district, we'd love to have the ability to restrict certain IP ranges to only see material not classified as mature or sexual in nature. We're required by CIPA to filter pornographic imagery. Even though some of the material in the erotica…