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Internationally I am 'called' and 'known' as "Citizen of the World", "The Voice of Crystal" and "The Woman Chamelion".
As a live performer, I have been blessed to act, sing, dance, and tell stories to very warm, loving audiences in three continents who often bring me to tears of joy and gratitude, whenever they generously show me their love and delight; from Japan to Monte Carlo Monaco; from USA to Paris France and The Greek Islands; from Las Vegas Nevada to Hollywood California, Miami, Kings Point and Miami Beach Florida; and from Mexico City and Encenada Mexico, to Thailand and Vietnam.

As an actor-singer-dancer I have worked on feature films, television and stage, with internationally gifted, loved, notable, respected musicians and thespian-legends such as:
William Holden, Ida Lupino, Jane Fonda, Marcel Julian, Jon Voight, Lily Tomlin, Rafael Banquells, Silvia Pinal, Dolly Parton, Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Valery Harper, Bernard Hilda, Daniel Jeannin, Jean Yves Dahyot, David Groth, Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner, Rafael Ferro, Mark Knowles, Elke Summer, Martin Balsam, David Canary, Rafael Campos, Sally Struthers, Raul Velasco, David Soul, Chris Montes, Yaphet Koto, Will Sampson, Cornell Wilde, Joe Santos, William Shatner, Elsa Landsbury.

Roxanna Bonilla-Giannini

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