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With such achievements as having plenty of playing experience, "fluency" with electric and upright bass, recording experience, live TV performances, song writing experience, touring experience (Live 4 Music Tour, Shaun Barrowes, School of Rock All Stars 2010 2011, 2012), performing at the 2010 and 2013 NAMM Convention and taking 3rd place in the School Jam USA Competition with Harlem Shuffle, Red Rocks in Denver, previous endorsements with Lava Cables, Malekko Heavy Industry, Hipshot Products Inc. and many many more things, Mason G. Nagy is a very well rounded, disciplined and driven young musician and will keep it in his life until the end. With plans to study music in college, Mason is keeping on his toes by gigging weekly with multiple bands, and orchestras and practicing every chance he gets. Mason has also received many jobs as a musician in weekly gigs, weddings, parties, and even playing at theme parks. Mason would one day like to become a session player, or write music for movies.

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