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  1. Hi Jennifer, presumably you mean the unsupported audio codec under the HQ/Lossless tab? Try this: (Not my words) PCM codec not recognised 06/02/13 I looked at the pcm_s16le problem. I experience the same issue, and I've seen the same problem Drosky…
  2. Have been wrangling kdenlive on & off for last few days, problem after problem - unsupported codec so it wouldn't render at all, or rendering with audio only, or audio timing coming adrift from video... hours of my time, and the latest trial (which…
  3. Thanks Dave. Wish I'd seen your message before I got Kdenlive .7 from the Ubuntu repository! That was v rubbish to the point of uselessness. Have now discovered that .9 won't run on my current Lucid install (just went straight to the crash screen)…
  4. p.s. I've just realised why I didn't see those thumbnail options before - it's because when I filled in my settings for the basic page, the video was still uploading! Done it now though :-)
  5. Jennifer, you mention Ubuntu, presumably you have it installed? If so, get Kdenlive and edit in that. You need to make sure that you have the latest updates of frei0r plugins, ffmpeg, libavcodec, mlt and melt, all easy from the Ubuntu community repositori