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Hendrik ten Cate - +31(0)6 24 676 109 - hendrik@tencateconcept.nl

I've been in advertising for quite some time now and still find a lot of fulfilment in creating ideas for my clients. In addition to my daily work as a creative (concept, design & art direction) i found something that took my passion to new level.

When i first started filming myself and looked back at my material i knew i was on the right track. All of a sudden things became very real on screen (display). Apparently there is no hiding when there is a camera around. I found that people wanted to share their stories with me and revealed some of their true emotions. I was humbled and inspired by this experience. The thought came to mind that behind anything we see or hear today about a person, a brand or product there must be a passionate and compelling story that comes with it. My aim is to find and capture this story and combine this with the commercial purpose of my client. In the end you can only connect to something or someone who is speaking from the heart.
Add true value and credibility to who you are, your business or your product by just being yourself. Let's put that on film.

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