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Manchester, UK

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Mike Chavez-Dawson is an artist-curator based at Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester, UK. He instigated and curated the critically acclaimed shows ‘Unrealised Potential’ and David Shrigley’s solo show entitled ‘HOW ARE YOU FEELING?’ for the Cornerhouse (2012–13). His extraordinary proposal ‘Beyond the Medium, A Rake’s Dream…’ made the Open 100 proposals for Artangel’s ‘OPEN’ 2013 and a revised version re-titled ‘Fountain’ is now in production over 2015/2016/2017.

The Louisa Guinness Gallery selected his work to show alongside Ed Ruscha, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Greyson Perry and Anish Kapoor at Design Miami, USA, 2013.

Text Festival Co-Curator Philip Davenport commissioned him to create a unique piece for ‘The Dark Would: language art exhibition’, Summerhall, Edinburgh to show alongside Jenny Holzer, Richard Long, Richard Wentworth & Lawrence Wiener. 

Chavez-Dawson also judged (alongside Laurie Peake, Paul Stolper and Iain Andrews) and curated the neo:art prize 2013 and Israeli artist Yoav Ruda’ ‘Entrance Through the Emergency Exit’ for neo: 2014. 


“To date I have ran a gallery in a publication, utilized alter egos as living portraits, interviewed deceased artists and cultural figures through spiritual mediums, created a cinema using hypnotism, represented artists’ unrealized ideas as contractual certificates, produced a live ‘exquisite corpse’ durational book that was written and performed live across a selection of art venues & libraries via a network of projectors & plasma displays, replicated iconic conceptual artworks as limited edition jewellery, scored & performed concrete poetry between two train stations, synthesized a series of artists residencies into a pop-video-cum-critical essay and given gallery tours & interventions posing as estate agents, crime-solving detectives and revolutionaries.

“My art practice is interdisciplinary and research-led, framed by an exploration into revealing the myth of the artist’s vision as against the audience’s reading. I tend to present ‘propositional works’ that retain a healthy skepticism for participation and interpretation; this is usually through multi-part works that sit between performance [-art] and curation.

“However, it is the continual habit of cross-referencing seemingly opposing disciplines, narrative structures and interpretative motifs that invigorates both my works and methods. I seem to employ a curatorial dynamic that is critically engaged yet playfully intuitive, in order to formulate an intelligent dialogue between the modes of its production, the work produced and its potential consumption.

“… a socially-engaged practice should aspire to have a non-evasive & non-hierarchical creative spirit that ignites the imagination for radical possibilities and complicit collaboration.”

Mike Chavez Dawson, Rogue Artists Studios, 2015

Additional Info:

He is a PhD research candidate by practice at MMU, MIRIAD, a research-visiting lecturer at Chester University and has exhibited and performed at Summerhall, BAM, In-Situ, Design Miami, TATE Britain, Barbican, ICA, Cornerhouse, Castlefield Gallery, The Whitworth Art Gallery, and British Art Show 7 at Nottingham Contemporary, Grundy, Carter Presents, UNION, Bearspace and The Whitstable Biennale (2008).

He has also undertaken various international shows and projects in New York, Sans Francisco, Miami, Rome, Lisbon, Lahore, Seoul, Helsinki, Edinburgh and Dresden.

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