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  1. Yofong commented on Atheist
    Thank you, Zach. Forgive me if my perspectives collide with yours. We can agree to disagree, right? Have a good life, and I mean it not sarcastically.
  2. Yofong commented on Atheist
    free will given by God is right on the course after the fall - we're plagued to think we are LIKE GOD while we really are not. I'll stop here for I believe people have problem seeing objectively when they are reacting. I wish you're actually searching…
  3. Yofong commented on Atheist
    inherent from the previous generation with the ability to improve on everything with the enormous potentiality given. Please notice the word is given. Why do we have problem accepting our place before the creator is explained in the Genesis. As…
  4. Yofong commented on Atheist
    Zach, the message I got is 1: you are reacting to the word 'fool', and 2: your value is based on 'human achievements and status'. Both of them a reflection the possibility you are in the category of what you're reacting to. I do feel sorry that…