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Atlanta-based Spinfare is half video production house and half technology company—with a healthy helping of passion on the side. We're a community of bona fide food lovers, and although we think restaurant websites and user reviews can be helpful when we're looking for a place to grab a bite, we've always been dismayed by the lack of more dynamic content online. Our solution? Provide restaurants with high-quality video and give them the opportunity to make meaningful connections with patrons. Right there on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, diners are able to see the entrees, meet the chef, learn about the ingredients, and get a real feel for the atmosphere. We've also developed a proprietary video player that allows our clients to prompt engagement from website visitors using a variety of calls to action. It's all pretty simple: a better online presence means fewer empty seats, and that translates to a stronger bottom line. At Spinfare, we make restaurant owners' wildest online dreams come true through the incredible power of video.

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