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Peter Devonald is a multi-award winning scriptwriter and producer with numerous feature commissions and options. His multi-genre short films have shown in competition in over 80 international film festivals, including Venice, L.A, LSFF, D'Angers, Encounters and Slamdance. Awards include winner of best drama at the New York Film Festival, winner of the judges award at Reel Islington Screenings, Super Shorts Finalist, Virgin Media Finalist (distribution for year in 214 cinemas), winner of the main jury prize at the Wood Green International Film Festival and winner of the Branchage Jersey International Film Festival "Cutting Hedge" award.

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  1. Peter Devonald commented on Still Life
    Very different, interesting take on the subject. Very innovative use of camera, sound and editing techniques. Great interviews - including subtitles etc. Very imaginative and certainly to be applauded. Love the furniture outside and the choice of…
  2. This is brilliant - just love it! What a quality film. A brilliant, quirky documentary full of pace and humour exploring what it means to be English. Highly recommended. Wonderfully quirky and full of insight, it's a winner. Really love the interviews,…
  3. Very well done to all involved in this film - a very difficult subject to make interesting and I think you've done an excellent job. Particularly impressive is how you've uncovered stories and really got to the root of the issues very quickly and…