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Nathaniel Kramer is an editor, cameraman, writer and educator who has worked on documentary films, internationally cablecast television, privately marketed, and internet-distributed projects.

Nat has been editing video and film for 18 years, and completed his first digital project in 1998. He can find an effective workflow on Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, or even a flatbed Steenbeck if need be. Most comfortable in the digital environment, he loves editing as a way to compress experience, convey emotion and speak the truth in today’s mediated environment. Nat enjoys finding the essentials of any project, and conveying them with power and subtlety. A strategic, thoughtful cameraman, he leverages his knowledge of the post-production process to shoot for the edit, and create visual sequences that are built from compelling individual shots.

Recently he has acted as editor and music director for the documentary film Heart of Gold Hill (selected for the 2014 Breckenridge Film Fest), shot two sold-out shows at Red Rocks featuring The Lumineers, taught an intensive video course to high-achieving middle school students from across the Front Range at the Dawson Summer Initiative, weathered the flood with his editing suite intact, and has begun shooting material surrounding the new Longmont hacker/maker space, Tinkermill and the post-flood recovery of Jamestown. Projects involving architectural restoration at the Colorado State Capitol Building and the venerable band Paper Bird are also in post-production.

He is currently touring with Stelh Ulvang of the Lumineers as a videographer.

He completed his studies at CU-Boulder in 2010 with a BS in Broadcast Production, and a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media. Nat is an avid reader, music and film aficionado, and enjoys good conversations over hot beverages, cycling, cooking, and games of strategy and imagination. Working for several years as the host of award-winning KVCU Radio 1190′s weekday morning show The Rude Awakening, he still occasionally hosts the Afternoon Sound Alternative on independent, non-commercial, community radio station KGNU, broadcasting to Boulder and to Denver the old-fashioned way, and worldwide via the global intertubes. He maintains a deep love and strong connections with local music.

Nat lives and works in lovely, sunny Boulder, Colorado, where you might spot him perusing piles of used media, chatting with friends, or engaged in mortal combat over a game of go.


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