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  1. Hy guys! How much crop factor in crop mode, in sted of just 1.6 (canon crop)? And how much resolution you can get in crop mode? Any consideration choosing crop or 1:1 mode? Wich one, and when? Thanks a lot
  2. Always Awesome. Really nice low light performance, some frame need less contrast, maybe, but all is damn good. Workflow with lut seems very sample. Thank you. Canon 50d uber alles, the best quality/price rapport.
  3. Andrea Renovatio commented on Paradise
    Really thanks a lot
  4. Andrea Renovatio commented on Paradise
    I see. Can you use the app pinkdotremover and then a 2x2 chroma smoothing version? Also, would like to ask: why 8 bit only at the end? Not about 10? Thanks
  5. Andrea Renovatio commented on Paradise
    Yeah, i was reading about it. The app does the magic, and no point anymore? Not one point? Thanks a lot.
  6. Andrea Renovatio commented on Paradise
    Any pink/blue dots issue?
  7. Ok let me know please! Watched your last video: awesome, as always. Btw, in general, shooting in Raw,does it make some problem with IS (18-55) or VC (17-50 tamron, for exemple)? Thanks again