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Emory M. Moore Jr. presents his one-of-a-kind exercise technique. Appropriately deemed The EM Technique (as there is truly nothing else like it), Emory’s fitness methods explore the fundamentals of movement through his own unprecedented combination of Yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts and associated disciplines. Accessible to the most bashful beginner and challenging enough for the most seasoned athlete, Emory teaches techniques to improve one’s own understanding of balance, flexibility, and strength training with a pointed emphasis on breath.

With over thirty years
of experience, Emory has immersed himself in the study of a myriad of disciplines, including meditation, massage, Gyrotonic, and Capoeira. He is a multi-certified personal trainer, well versed in sports-related injuries, and is an advanced certified instructor in the Way of the Winds martial arts system. Having traveled from New York to London, Munich, Florence and a host of other cities, Emory has had the privilege of studying with the masters in their respective fields.

He has been featured in the New York Times, Self, TimeOut, and W magazine as well as on FoxNews.com. Even further, among the Olympic athletes, professional dancers celebrities and captains of industry who have sought out Emory’s expertise, his passion for learning and teaching remains tireless.

“Studied a lot of things a long time. I am a teacher and a student. My passion is for both equally.”

I love seeing people get it. I love getting it …




Hard beds make us soft.

Soft beds make the body worry.

Do you think this is a metaphor?

True comfort loves the cold hard winter.

Embrace the slowdown, know collapse.



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  1. What a blessing! I have no idea how you convinced Master Lee to do this interview but I am so glad you did. I was there at his retirement ceremony. It was very interesting.