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Tony and Guillaume are 2 young musicians originating from Toulouse, issuing from the post-hardcore, metal scene, evolving as guitar players in various bands (William ex-Einna, Tony ex-Eden Code, presently in Dimitree)
The common tastes of the post-rock, ambient and atmospheric sounds rapidly unite the two friends onto the idea to form a project together at the end of 2012. Many sleepless nights and insomnias will bring them to experiment with various sounds and effects, but also construct a coherent, captivating, melodic, introspective universe. Raw sounds and ambient noises find their place in the process of creation.
Accompanied the idea of summit, an apogee, along with an astral side, but remaining natural with a need to surpass while daydreaming the moment, the name ZENITH seemed more than obvious. Their first song WIND would soon follow which was recorded during a stormy night and the following day, the shooting of its music video, making do with what was at hand in the streets of Toulouse, while still keeping the DIY spirit. The need to compose an EP was quickly felt and the band jumped into it. Contacting BLWBCK (Saåad, Noir coeur, Sádon), a label belonging to friends, led to a common interest in working together.
The release of their first EP shall be ready for beginning of April 2013, in numbered limited edition cassette-form, but also in digital form, as well as a new music video.

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