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My passion for art began during childhood, when my mother was tired from marked room wallpapers. She enrolled me in the art school. It was asked “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow-Up?” Since I was 8 my answer has been an artist. So I grew up with this thought, trying to make my dream come true.
Currently London Arts, London Communication College student but how it started.. I have been studying at art school since I was 6, I went through a lot of difficulties, but it always was worth it. By successfully passing my exams I had the opportunity to attend Riga Secondary School of Art and Crafts in the advertising design faculty. It is a secondary school where you can achieve secondary education with specialisation in design. At school you have to study for 4 years, it included secondary school subjects maths, English, Latvian, history etc. and art subjects drawing, painting, advertising design etc. One of my favourite classes was advertising design, the theory of design and history of art. I have performed at workshops, theory and work practise. In the second year we went to work practice in companies. Through this I got work instantly. I worked for a film production company Cuba as an artist and a photographer.

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