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Home town: London. I Live in NYC

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My films are hand painted on paper, glass or using cut-outs. They've been showed at film festivals world wide and on US public TV, they've won numerous awards, the one I'm most proud of is the Charles Samu award for 'Serenade' which is for an animation that communicates beyond words and across cultures. I animated Saint Saens' 'Aquarium' for HBO TV and various pieces for Sesame Street. Bette Midler sang an original version of 'Hanukah Oh Hanukah' for my animation of the same name for HBO. 'Drowning Crow', an animation created in-camara with cutouts was presented as an animated backdrop at the Manhattan Theatre Club. My comic piece 'Naked Revolution' was created as a back-drop for David Soldier's Comic Opera 'Naked Revolution' at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and as an opera in-a-box at the Kitchen Theatre in NYC. My dream is to make an animated documentary one day. I'm working on some painted graphic books which involve food-one of my biggest loves! I love coming up with imaginative flavors under the name 'Lily Lolly, The New York Lolly' . I've been named an Ice Wizard and an Ice Princess, so there you go- enjoy! I live in New York with my wonderful daughter Lily...

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