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  1. videophan commented on Meteor
    Thank You. Much appreciated.
  2. videophan commented on WHO AM I?
    WHO AM I? A Philosopher's Timelapse that's truly inspiring... Beautifully made with thought-provoking narration based on the Vedic Upanishads. The lens flares are like burst of communication energy between us and the outside - sending a message…
  3. An enjoyable timelapse to watch. The fast transitions between urban and nature, night and morning, land and sea make the timelapse very dynamic. And the music is a great accompaniment. Some great sequences of Rainier and Space Needle. Knowing…
  4. Beyond Nature. Beyond Imagination... What a stunning and beautiful timelapse. Great technique with the various dolly shots. What makes this unique for me is the amazing light, colors and landscape. The intensely blue-turquoise color of the lake,…