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The Bite Back Movement is a fresh young Art and Design studio led by Alexander Augustus (Brighton, UK) and Seung Youn Lee (Seoul, South Korea).

Coming from many different worlds, anthropology, the visual arts, art history, theatre, industrial design, The Bite Back Movement makes experiential work that deals with the world as it is, and aims directly at the widest accessibility and participation.

In its first year, the Movement have already had a 5 week solo show in Somerset House; worked for major the indie festival, Secret Garden Party (UK); the international gallery Platoon Seoul (South Korea); Hoxton Arch Gallery (UK); Cafe 1001 (UK); The city of Jesolo (Italy); Maribor City of Culture 2012 (Slovinia); The London Olympiad 2012 (UK), Dance Umbrella Contemporary Dance Festival (UK) and Ok-Sang Lim Studio (South Korea). The Bite Back Movement have been presented at the International Multimedia conference MITA and been funded by The European Union, Arts Council and O2.


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