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Rio de Janeiro , Brasil

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Mark Lassise is a producer of content for television and film from New York City. I moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2009 with a television program concept to discover Brasil and share my experiences with a foreign audience. In order to help build a true understanding of Brasil from an expat perspective. Unaware it would grow into a popular brazilian primetime television program called "Olhar Estrangeiro" or The Foreign Eye. I hosted the program from 2013 thru to the World Cup of 2014 on the Globo Network of Brasil. Throughout my 6 years living in Brazil, I have had the awesome pleasure to work and build friendships with many wonderful artists, musicians, directors and extreme athletes. I created more series pilots and teasers that have not made it to television yet. Though, equally rewarding as they gave me experience with my craft inside the brazilian culture. The future is bright and I will make my Brazilian Silver Screen debut in the soon to be released action film "E.A.S." opposite Humberto Martins, Murilo Rosa, Carol Castro and many more talented actors of Brazil. Stay tuned!

Concierge services for foreign production companies planning a Brazilian shoot. I have a vast and reliable network in Brazil. Professional filming in Brazil is not an easy task. There are many laws to follow and potential cultural traps to fall into. I can provide a full slate of production services.

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