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Mike is the owner of Pritchard Websites. For more info see pritchardwebsites.com

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  1. Another great video Andrew!
  2. Mike Pritchard commented on Daniel 3
    Good study!
  3. great message!
  4. good message!
  5. Mike Pritchard commented on Jonah 4
    I had never thought about that Jonah should have been discipling instead of sitting on the hill. Great illustration, great application.
  6. Mike Pritchard commented on Jonah 3
    Favorite quote: "The Word of God, week in and week out, even if you think 'it doesn't seem to be effecting me', it is! Because God's Word doesn't return void."
  7. Good stuff : )
  8. favorite quote: "that doesn't work, trying to figure out what is wrong with your life and throwing it out"