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They call me CinemaGyver. I suppose it's because I have a tendency to conceive, formulate, and build strange and elaborate solutions on the fly in order to capture a vision on digital film. Honestly, it feels more like desperation in the moment when it's happening. But I guess I've pulled enough rabbits out of my hat to earn the nickname.

It's great to go into a production with a pre-conceived vision, but creativity isn't always pre-conceivable. I'm a creative producer of motion content and I'm never satisfied with satisfactory. My passion is passion and my medium is sight and sound.

I believe connections with audiences, both consumer and corporate, are established through emotions. And I can make any article, any slideshow, or any powerpoint presentation ten to a hundred times more effective by bringing it to life with motion and music. In my line of work, competence is established through experience and mistakes, while creativity comes from talent and passion. It takes competence to be a satisfactory producer, but it takes competence and creative vision to be a remarkable producer.

I would say that I'm a composer, a writer, a cinematographer, and a technologist, but to me it all comes from the same place. It's just the desire to create an experience. I approach every project with the intent to create a moving experience, regardless of the topic. Using creative cinematography, emotive musical scoring, and provocative direction, I capture the essence of human emotion to stimulate thought and inspire action.

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