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North Carolina

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The biggest problem with creative projects and design I've encountered is that everything is way too complicated. The most appealing thing to the eye will always be that which is clean
and simplistic. So if you're looking for classic, modern, but with a uniquely creative edge, you've found the answer to your prayers.

Writing is really what kicked off everything for me. I crashed into it accidentally and fell hopelessly in love; and such is the story of all great romances. Photography soon followed and likewise, it was thrust upon me and I was completely ruined. I realized then that I was wrecked for an adventurous life in pursuit of The Creator who had put a burning passion for creativity inside of me.

Graphics came in the picture when serving in my church and then I found that I could make something simple and beautiful in almost every area of life. So here I am and I want to make something beautiful for you.

Maybe you need something conventional or maybe you've got a crazy dream and need a way to share it with the world. Whatever you need, it's time to get going and chase after it. I'd love to accompany you on this crazy journey, so let's grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you'd prefer) and let's do something amazing.

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