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  1. Aerial Filmworks

    Aerial Filmworks PRO North America


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    At Aerial Filmworks, our passion is enabling creative vision with smart technology, battle-tested expertise, and unwavering support. We use the newest Cineflex Elite, Cineflex Ultra, and Cineflex V14 systems with ARRI Alexa-XTM, RED Carbon Fiber 6K Dragon, and Sony cameras to produce award-winning…

  2. chuckumentary

    chuckumentary Minneapolis


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    I'm totally a dude who makes video. In Minnesota! El Presidente, vidtiger http://vidtiger.com Other lives: The UpTake (Co-Founder), TECHdotMN, Twin Cities Public Television (MN Original, PBS shows, much more), Minnesota Public Radio (The Current, On Being, MPR News), MN Stories

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