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My new carbon footprint!

At the moment I’m a baby,
and my impact on nature appears limited, but I’m concerned about my future habits of life (that are not environmentally sustainable) and climate change they cause. I know for sure that if we calculate, with traditional systems, my carbon footprint, it results to be frighteningly high.
I would prefer to live in a new ecosystem for my new and healthy lifestyle, making every effort to change my carbon footprint.
To do this, I firmly believe that all items should be replaced with eco sustainable and - above all - should have a custom shape, including through new technologies (3D printing, which is an instrument that brings us closer to nature and not outside it).

Therefore, I aim to build a start-up to purchase a 3D printer that can use environmentally friendly material to replace and eliminate plastic from my home.

If you believe that my dream is important, follow me and help me make a new step (a green footprint!) along the road to my new environmental sustainability.


  1. Debating Europe
  2. European Youth Parliament
  3. S&D Group - European Parliament
  4. European Parliament
  5. Self-Assembly Lab, MIT
  6. Think Beyond Plastic