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ART ON THE MOVE has been providing touring support and management expertise for the development of touring exhibitions of contemporary art across the state of Western Australia, inter-state and internationally since 1986.

ART ON THE MOVE is an Incorporated Association with Members from metropolitan and regional galleries, exhibition venues, arts associations and individuals. As part of a national arts network (NETS Australia), ART ON THE MOVE, and other state and territory based national exhibition touring organisations, contribute to and reflect the totality of Australian contemporary art and encourage and participate in the management and exchange of exhibitions across state borders.

ART ON THE MOVE is funded by the State and Federal Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts. The organisation administers the preparation and touring of exhibitions by professional artists. Organisations, individuals and community groups may apply to be a part of our Touring Exhibition Program. ART ON THE MOVE may initiate exhibitions and partnerships where there is a lack of specific media or category of exhibition proposals that address the needs of venues.

Exhibitions are endorsed by a Curatorial Subcommittee once a year in May.
Please see our Touring page for information on how to apply.

Each exhibition is accompanied by a custom designed and written Education Resource which typically includes extensive Notes for educators and students, catalogue, poster, information and activity sheets. Schools can subscribe to Education at ART ON THE MOVE and download these publications for free from the Education section of this site. Smarter than Smoking EDUCATION EVENTS such as free or subsidised bus travel for distant or remote school groups and exhibition artists' talks are valuable promotional tools for regional gallery venues attracting a large number of young visitors each year.

Exhibition catalogues, Education Resources and Skills publications covering condition reporting, promotion, and venue development are available for sale at ART ON THE MOVE. Please see our Publications page.

A comprehensive gallery and museum touring exhibition training program suitable for gallery managers, professionals and volunteers, boards and committees, curators, architects, local government staff and councilors is customised to local needs. Delivered by ART ON THE MOVE staff or contracted professionals, theory or practical hands on training can be delivered to individuals and small groups on site. Please see our Training page.

ART ON THE MOVE provides comprehensive contracted touring services for all facets of exhibition preparation, including tour management, contracts and documentation, education resources and crating and freight services for visual arts, crafts and museum traveling exhibitions. Please see our Touring Services page for some more information.

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