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Music Video
Karoshi Bros “Vive La Difference”
Director/Motion Graphics/Production.

Music Video
Oonagh Cassidy “Time After Time”
Director/Motion Graphics/Production.

Music Video
Jahaziel “In My Neighbourhood”
Art Directon/Motion Graphics/Production.

Music Video
Lowkey/Wretch32 ”In My Lifetime”
Art Directon/Motion Graphics/Production.

TVC - “Capillo Shots/Lemonage” Walls/IceAge3, Unilever
Art Direction/Post Production.

TVC – “WhyNotClaim.com”
Director/Motion Graphics/Production.

TVC – “OffersInTheRegionOf.com”
Director/Motion Graphics/Production.

TVC – “TimeToSayGoodbye” Universal compilation
Post Production.

Brand Identity
“WebTV 2009” ArcelorMittal
Director/Motion Graphics/Production.


Corporate Identity/motion graphics for reel use

Twickenham Expereince
Art direction for installation motion graphics.

Grant Thornton
Graphic identity sequence in 2d and 3d animation.

Eleanor Conway Presents: Online Music Pilot.

Nokia N-series installation (Flagship stores worldwide)
Art direction/2d-3d production.

ITV2 Ford Fiesta/Fashion Sponsorship Identity
2D and 3D graphics post production / compositing.

Music video Uk States "Eyes in the back of your head"
Directed and produced.

Music video Richard Fleeshman "Back Here"
Motion graphic creative / compositing.

Music video Sarah Whatmore "Smile"
Motion graphic creative / compositing.

Nokia Lumiere retail video
3D creative production

Music video – Dj Disciple “Work It Out’.
Creative direction / motion graphic content.

Music video – Gusto “Disco’s Revenge 2008”.
Creative direction / motion graphic content.

Goldfrapp viral / website
Created / directed marketing campaign for new release single
“Happiness”. thishappinessthing.co.uk. Mute Records.

E4 Estings shortlisted finalist
Chinook Fields' featured in the design museum and creative review issue Feb 2008 (page 14).

Nokia N-series
New Fusion range branding
Art Direction and production.

Extreme / Royal Marines
Title sequences art direction and creative production.

Nokia N-series
USA marketing material for play throughout iffiliate stores across the USA.
Art direction and production.

N-series interactive installation
Art director for this Nokia / Carphone Warehouse project.

Nokia N81 “Sharuka”
Art direction, design and production for instore marketing sequence, Lowe.

Nokia Maps
Art direction, design and production for instore marketing sequence, Lowe.

E4 Estings finalist 2007
Television ident competition.

Art Director - BBC DVD documentary, 10 months.
Motion graphics / Video project involving photomontaged imagery, motion graphics and 2d / 3d animation.
Time period Nov 2006 to Sept 2007.

Music video graphics for new artist “Nuala” working with BAFTA award winning director, Matt Lipsey.

“Joga Benito” broadcast sting identity, Nexus Animation.
Kinder “Mama Kinder” post production for television advert, Passion Pictures.

MasterCard “UEFA Cup”
visual identity for onscreen marketing campaign.
Also involving Sony PSP and Konami.

“Love Weekend” broadcast promo identity. Angelfish.

Channel 4
“The IT Crowd” broadcast promo identity. Angelfish.

“Amateur Golf 2006” broadcast production.
Onsite from Royal St Georges Golf Club.

DVD “Aardman Darkside”
Design and production for dvd interface.
Channel 4 “Best of the Worst” title sequence.


DVD interface design
“The Mighty Boosh” series 2, Stream (Ascent Media).

DVD interface design
“This life” series 2, Stream (Ascent Media).

DVD interface design
“Hill Street Blues”, Stream (Ascent Media).

Nickelodeon ident stings, Blue Zoo

Student pilot music show called “Demo”
full art direction and design production control.

“Doodle Doo”
design and production, Blue Zoo

Cartoon Network
directing and creating promo's, sequences and idents for Toonami, Boomerang and Boing.

Yoplait “Frubes” (S&P) Cartoon Network.
Direction with Blue Zoo.

“Scooby Doo” Cartoon Network (S&P)
Design and production.

CN Magazine (Nordic) 30 second revamp promo.

Jetix 1st Birthday Promo sequences for the UK
Directed and designed.

DVD interface design “Jethro”, Cheerful Scout.

“Evans” Corporate video for company relaunch.
Directed and designed.

Worked at Brightspace Media.
Accounts included Wrigley’s, FCUK and Samsung.
Edited the Brightspace showreel and Hutchinson Three internal marketing sequence.
Identity and DVD concept “Sneak Preview” (seasonal entertainment preview DVD) design and production.
Tesco TV pitch, Eyetoeye.
InterContinental Hotels, print and motion graphics for resorts Vienna, Cyprus, Budapest and Prague.

2000 - 2003
Worked 3 years with kaleidovision, an on-screen design and marketing company located in Hertford. Main area of focus being identity / installation / brand marketing.


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