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Dalton, MA

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Lieutenant / Firefighter / Paramedic for 20+years. Making videos are currently my hobby. Which I also use to help me market my home business for Leadership Training and Home Business Education. I Will be making video from Leadership style, theories, and experiences.

As a fire department officer in charge of 6 to 10 people on the fire ground. My Leadership is important for making decision in a short period of time which are life altering. Making the wrong decision could change a persons life forever. You need to know your personal, their strengths and their weaknesses. You need to be able to trust your decisions and the skills of the people around your.

As an entrepreneur in the home business market you need to know your audience and the people you are trying to attract. You need to have the right people on your team and have the ability to trust their skills. The home business is ever changing and you need to change with it. Not changing could determine success or failure of your home business.

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