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In the year 2008 a posse was assembled and baptized under the name of the serpent of audiovisual poetry – „AVaspo“ (AudioVisual Asp of Poetry). Many contemporary art and literature festivals, where poetry, music and visual performances go under one roof, have hosted AVaspo shows. Nowadays AVaspo tours across Europe’s varied music scene. AVaspo collaborates with different artists to create poetry and video installations. The band is also involved in recording soundtracks for short films and playing live performances during screenings in silent film festivals.
The music of AVaspo, prompted to life by texts of playwright and poet Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, has never stagnated under one form of musical expression. Albums „Nėra okeano“(2009) and „Niagara“(2010) had delivered sounds of diverse musical style – including electronic, trip hop, space rock, psycountry, experimental-acoustic and more. In 2013, AVaspo, the cunning serpent, threatening to transpose musical boundaries, released the third album “The Ocean is Bleeding”.

At the moment Avaspo consists of five members and collaborates with different video artists.

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