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Mel Abraham is the author The Entrepreneur’s Solution: Getting the Mind-set & Mechanics of a Millionaire and Founder of Business Breakthrough Academy and Creator of the Doctrines of Success DVD Program. He is a highly-acclaimed business speaker, seminar leader, and business & success strategist.

Originally, developed through the many endeavors of the author, Mel H Abraham, the concepts of Business Mastery Blueprint™ have been used in his work with numerous entrepreneurs, businesses and start-ups. These include assisting a young entrepreneur start his first business at the young age of 16 which is still growing and going strong over five years later or working with a board of directors to successfully grow their company from $50.0 million to over $125.0 million within a 6 year period.

Now, the book’s author, Mel H. Abraham, provides the framework and foundation for all successful businesses in the new economy. He has been touted as one of the top 25 CPAs by the SFV Business Journal as well as been recognized by numerous awards for his contributions as a speaker, author and consultant. Mel was also the recipient of the 2010 Thomas R. Porter Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions as a professional, to society & community service

Driven by the ideals of collaboration and contribution, the author believes that entrepreneurs hold the key to economic growth in the new economy. As society is looking for political solutions, what is truly needed is an entrepreneurial solution. It is through the entrepreneurial mindset, creativity and innovation that will allow us to rise above the current economic challenges. As such, Mel is creating key partnerships and sponsorships with various youth organizations to provide these tools to college youth and college bound youth. This will allow them to grow from a place of contribution, growth and service while finding a fulfilling emotionally compelling future.

Mel was blessed to have had the fortunate opportunity to walk away from an accident that the doctors said most people would have ended up in a bodybag or wheelchair. That experience has certainly driven home the importance of being present in life each and every moment of the day- living it to the fullest emotionally, physically and & spiritually. As Nickelback says, “Each day is a gift, not a god-given right!”

Since then, he has refocused his life to helping individuals, teams and organizations create and master a meaningful, fulfilling legacy through The Entrepreneur’s Solution: Getting the Mind-set & Mechanics of a Millionaire concepts. These concepts permeate the existence of all meaningful success – be it within corporate America or as an entrepreneur.

As one of the top entrepreneurial, success and motivational speakers, Mel’s authentic, powerful and humorous presentations have become legendary.

Mel’s message — that we are placed here to create a legacy beyond acquiring, achieving and accomplishing by connecting the concepts of The Entrepreneur’s Solution: Getting the Mind-set & Mechanics of a Millionaire with the business tactics and strategies of the left-brain. Through this our existence has a far-reaching impact on all we are in contact with and transcends time as a timeless legacy of fulfillment.

Highlights from Mel’s extraordinary career include:

Creating a national reputation as one of the top valuation experts and corporate strategists.
Assisting in creating the most widely attended training programs nationally and training literally thousands of advisors in the area of valuation and business development.
Authored and co-authored numerous texts, articles and programs that has reached thousands around the country.
Worked with numerous businesses and entrepreneurs to create and implement an impactful growth strategy including taking a company from $60.0 million to over $125.0 million within 7 years.
Assisted in numerous high-stakes negotiations, settlements and transactions.
Mel donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his works to various charities and his charitable partners. He lives in Simi Valley, California, with his beautiful wife, Stefanie and son, Jeremy.

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