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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Andrew Damon Henriques went to medical school before transferring to art school were he studied art, photography and music to help him quench his desire to be creative.

Henriques made his film debut playing Lucky in Robert Harrison’s film Night Of The Vampires (2005), before making the decision to concentrate on films. (Jordan Garren of Rogue Cinema’s said, “Night of the Vampires is a fun horror/comedy that features one of the greatest vampiric characters that I've ever seen in a movie, namely Lucky! He is suave, persuasive, and downright evil, and Andrew Henriques really gives this creature of the night some attitude!”)

Henriques wrote, edited, scored, produced and directed the short film, Secrets (2006), starring solo recording artist Danah, as well as FHM Magazine model Anya Avaevarone. His animated short, Action Figures- featuring the voice talent of Danah as Doll and Andrew Henriques as Gi-Joe and Monkey, was made by his production company as an extra feature for the DVD release of Secrets.

Next, he directed, edited and co-wrote the horror short film, Black Forest (2007), starring Paula Mione, Christina Wood, Jeff Saresky and Angela Garvin.

Filmography (director):

3 Some (2010)

Mirror Image (2009)

Black Forest (2007)

Action Figures (2006)

Secrets (2006)

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