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Derrick Neleman
Studied bio-dynamic agriculture for 4 years. Felt it was his calling to make organic wines better and more widely available in the Netherlands. To that end, in 2001 set up Lovian, a successful Dutch company, which has since entirely focused on the purchase and sale of organic and Fair Trade wines.

In 2008 he produced the movie “Kissed by the Grape” with director Fred van Dijk.

About Kissed by the grape:
Enthusiastic winegrowers will take you to their organic vineyards in Italy, Spain and Chile. They will introduce you to their unique working methods. They’ll tell about their love for the grape and the wine. The main characters of the film: Miquel A. Torres, Alvaro Espinoza, Natalino & Amadio Fasoli and wine author Harold Hamersma, have already received it: The kiss of the grape

Music & Wine:
Internationally renowned saxophone player Candy Dulfer recorded the passionate soundtrack ‘ Oda al Viño” especially for Kissed by the grape”
On her new album “ Funked up & Chilled out” you can also listen to the music from Kissed by the grape.

'I love seeing someone put their heart and soul into something. In a world of disposable products, I see no better way to dispose of something than drinking some of Derrick's organic wine made with the love and attention it deserves.'
 Dave Stewart 2008

‘It's been ages since I saw a wine DVD as well filmed as this.’
Jancis Robinson.’

In 2009 Neleman set up By the Grape, the independent online wineplatform with daily wine news, podcast and videos. His goal is to inspirate, share knowledge and bring wine experience. This means he will help winebrands to communicate with the Dutch wine consumer on a new quality way.

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