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Sugarlicks acts as a hothouse of creative musical minds, inspiring artists and recording them at the valve-sound sugarlicks studio, to create the assured and progressive new sound of Pacific Soul. The studio and label are located in the Southern Hemisphere's most culturally diverse city, Auckland New Zealand.

We are the direct lifeline to your hit of Kiwi soul ... our distinctive sound is created by the use of analog valve sound equipment, for that warm lush soul sound. As a collective sugarlicks includes producers, musicians, vocalists, writers and video & graphic partners. We are family and in this family its all about the music. Pacific Soul live & direct.

Sugarlicks will take this soul free flowing across the globe so the World can see what music sounds like when made in paradise.

The skin of a drum, the softly spoken word, the expression of a belief, the translation of urbanism onto the pads of an mpc .... because talk won't cook rice ...

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