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It was sunny about an hour ago, but the agglomeration of clouds can occur quickly. And as I write I concoct a few short sentences that occupy probably 15 minutes of my day - perhaps 5 minutes of yours - yet years of life to make sense of it all.

I was raised in Portland, Oregon, schooled in finance at the University of Texas at Austin, and now living the last 5 years of real life in Nashville, TN. I have a passion for serving non-profits and missions by making authentic films that affect people. I also have a passion for finance and I work as an analyst at Caterpillar - the industrial equipment company. I do freelance consulting for finance and directing, producing, editing, and videography for varied projects from full scale productions to weddings. Drop me an email - if I am not around I have a tendency to not sit still. Somedays you might find me rock climbing, mountain biking, road tripping or traveling overseas. I have been blessed to wander through 5 continents and backpack in over 20 countries.

Suddenly I see a flash of lightening from the corner of my eye and I am distracted from my biography. I can feel the spring storms start as deep rumbles from a distance shake my computer and I reflect as I sip a cup of warm green tea. This short synopsis can sum up almost everything I do into two things 1) you don't find life until you give it away and 2) actions speak louder than words.


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