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Developing "freeish" uncompressed DI/MIX/CC/NLE software for making feature films with DIY film scan software, digital cinema cameras, going to DIY filmout using DANCINEL.EXE (tm) or other film recorders, and digital frame output for DVD, Blu-ray (tm), DCP etc. Videos here show some results of my filmmaking tests of the de-Bayer (de-mosaic) software I have been developing for filmmaking using Digital Cinema Cameras that support CinemaDNG True RAW sensor data in Adobe (tm) DNG open file format. My programs I am using to make my videos with are up for downloading from my web site, google DANCAD3D (tm) to find it and my contact email if you would like uncompressed sample frames or to get 'free' support for "beta-testing" my programs. Be sure to put 'Vimeo user about your videos" in the subject line of your email so I know it is not junk, thanks.

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