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IFAP is the world farmers organization, representing over 600 million family farmers grouped in 120 national organizations in 79 countries. It is a global network in which farmers from industrialized and developing countries exchange concerns and set common priorities.

IFAP has been advocating farmers' interests at the international level since 1946, and has General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

-To Act as a platform or forum in which leaders of national farmers’ organizations can meet to: highlight mutual interests and take coordinated action to further such interests; develop an understanding of world problems and exchange information, experiences and ideas.
-Keep members informed about international events of concern to them as farmer organizations.
-Act as a recognized spokesperson for the world’s farmers, bringing concerns of agricultural producers to the attention of international meetings of governments and other bodies.
-Promote the creation and strengthening of independent, representative organizations of farmers throughout the world.

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