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New York, NY

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Part pinup, part human graffiti, von Hottie is a New York moment incarnate. From SoHo to Times Square, von Hottie spontaneously decorates the urban landscape in an arranged marriage between
grandeur and the pedestrian. As a guerrilla performance artist, von Hottie blows a kiss to the glamour of yesterday, winks at modern celebrity culture, rubs up against the digital age, and charges
New York City by the hour.

As a one-woman global empire and international brand, von Hottie promotes and inspires “von Hottness” – the fierce embrace of the self within and the commitment to being true to that self in any situation. Through her live appearances, pinup calendars, advice blog, apparel line and vast internet presence, von Hottie dispenses sassy pearls of wisdom and promotes self-confidence, humor, kindness, and fortitude as tools for leading a rip-roaring life.

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