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In late 2005, Circle Post Production was born, with an ethos based around providing high-end, cost-effective post-production facilities geared towards tapeless productions.

Circle provides a peaceful and attractive environment where productions teams get expert support and where advice is freely available from knowledgeable, skilled and creative operators, post-producers and support staff.

Project management and bookings workflow is handled by experienced post-producers who understand the complex technologies and processes required to bring large and complex productions successfully to fruition..... Everything we do at Circle revolves around providing a great atmosphere, a creative environment and an administrative support network second to essence, it's a great place to work.

Since the launch of our new services in egypt, we continue to invest in the most advanced equipment and the best talent in the industry,,

Circle is owned by the people that built it and work there everyday.We believe this creates a unique level of care, commitment and attention that is rarely found nowadays and our continued success confirms our clients belief that they get something at Circle that they don't get elsewhere.

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