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Jorge directed his feature "Mindscape" with Mark Strong, Taissa Farmifa and Brian Cox. Best New director Nominee Goyas 2014

He also worked as a commercials director. In 2008 he was nominated Best New Commercials Director in Spain.

Jorge has previously directed five short films LA GUERRA (9 minutes), LIMONCELLO (5 minutes), LINEAS DE FUEGO (19 minutes), GRACIAS (12 minutes), and SIGUENTE (9 minutes).
In 2007

LA GUERRA, which he co-directed with Luis Berdejo, in addition to being nominated for a Goya for Best Spanish Short Film has won 47 other awards and has been shown in more than a hundred festivals around the World. His other shorts are also multi award winning and have been seen in more than 28 countries.

Jorge has also worked on more than 20 films as assistant director and for such acclaimed Directors as Pedro Almodovar - Bad Education and Talk to Her; Baz Lhurman´s - Moulin Rouge; and Guillermo del Toro´s - The Devil´s Backbone.

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