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It’s the era we long for, the time when it doesn’t matter. It’s the haze of angst and lust and unfledged sensitivity. It’s the time you anticipate, the time you recollect or the time that flies by. It’s the statement of a generation and the symbol of an era otherwise forgotten. It’s what we do at the crescendo of youth that lives forever. It’s here we found our motive, a company that captures now and presents the vision of culture unheard.
It’s you that makes BAMMF. It’s your ambitions and individuality that we want to support. We want to work with the original and the independent. We exist for artists to come in and work on tracks with inventive minds and studio quality production. Yet, we’re not limited to audio manufacturing, we produce music videos, promos and advertisements for establishing businesses/individuals and fabricate distinctive clothing for the team and the bitches(z). BAMMF is a qualified gang with experience, innovation and wholehearted intentions.
Behind the label is the progressive combination of emerging rap talent Alex ‘Lah’ Bowden and eccentric artist Jerome Quinert. Both fresh from success, the two have banded to establish an identity of individual potential. Between the two they hold bachelors, radio play, sold out clothing lines and a cumulative following of good friends and good times.
BAMMF is our movement