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Beyond The Ultimate - Home of the World Famous Ultimate Ultra Race Series. Welcome to our Vimeo Account, follow us for all the latest videos and media from our races around the world!

The 4 races that make up the series are the Jungle Ultra, Mountain Ultra, Desert Ultra and Ice Ultra covering the 4 main Climates & Terrains found on our planet. All of our footraces have been designed around Ultra Runners, Runners, Hikers and Walkers, all being catered for with class leading medical care and event organisation. Each of the races includes our unique Red Jersey Stage, a race within a race only adding to the excitement of being part of these momentous events.

Our races all include unique and challenging experiences such as sleeping in huge 100 man Tipi style tents in the Arctic, running through Manu National Park unguided, traversing the ancient dune fields of the Namib or summiting 13000ft peeks over the Rockies, there is no challenge on earth like that of the Ultimate Ultras.

For the lucky and dedicated few there is the opportunity to become part of the Ultimate Club by completing all 4 within the series, or tougher still by completing the Grand Slam of all 4 within a 12 month period.

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