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Ryan Stratton is a film director, music composer and accomplished multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, guitar, bass, drums, and orchestral and world percussion. Ryan attends Chapman University in Orange, CA., as a double major in Screenwriting and Music Composition. A versatile musician, Stratton has performed in numerous musical groups in the Detroit area. He played bass and contributed to lead vocals to the Metro Detroit based rock band, "Live the Dash," and later played bass, rhythm guitar, and sang lead vocals in the Troy/Birmingham based metal band, "In Mind."

In 2010, he began writing music for films, and received his first film composer credit on the short film, Hunting Blind. After composing music for various trailers, commercials, and promotional videos, Ryan scored his first feature film, Dark Night of the Pumpkinman. Soon after, he composed the original score for his directorial debut, a vampire film entitled, Blood Angel. He has since directed and composed the original score for all of the ArkLight Pictures projects. In college, Stratton is exceptionally motivated to pursue new challenges and create professional opportunities for himself. Presently, he is building a niche for himself by composing music for numerous student films, including Hawk P.I., Prize, and Perceptors.

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