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Clay Animation

In clay animation everything is possible. Things can happen in every environment and take place everywhere in the world. It is a universe where the audience from the very first picture will be familiar with the form of storytelling. To animate a situation in clay can therefore introduce new layers to the story you want to tell. Just by referring to small everyday events can be very entertaining and amusive/new. Clay animation has something nostalgic about it; something real, which is a result of the "analog" texture and physicality of the medium; a materiality that makes clay animation significantly different from other types of animation.

Porkfish is an animation company, which is specialized in production of short films, music videos, commercials, net-spots, and web-layout in clay/plasticine. Porkfish has experience with creating environments, types and characters, which you don't normally connect with clay animation. Distinctive for a Porkfish production is nerdy details, evocative/atmospheric lighting, and filmic camera aesthetics.
The Process

We build all the locations and characters from scratch, with few exceptions like cars and airplanes, in which case we will use toys that we customize. Afterwards we'll shoot with the traditional 25 pictures per second. This, obviously, is a little time consuming but the look speaks for it self. In close cooperation with a sound designer we'll create a sound design supporting the universe and the details. In many cases we will develop the concept together with you. The price depends on how many locations there are needed and how long the film-, TV- or net-product should be.

Web: porkfish.dk

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