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Tunbridge Wells

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1. Founder/Director, Piracy Corporation (Present)
2. Director of Experiential Marketing, Launch Group (07-08)
3. Founder/MD, Revolver Commmunications (93-04)
4. Junior Account Executive > Associate Director, PR Business/Berners Place Consultancy (89-93)
5. Account Executive, Evetts Rogers PR (88)

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  1. Lovely. Check this artists for prints you'll love, Micke...http://crayonfireshop.bigcartel.com/category/cassette-prints
  2. Always a danger of maximum cringe in these, but very nicely done. Well done, well done, as young Mr. Grace used to say.
  3. Just lovely.
  4. Looks great, nice one Mark et al. Vaguely worried about seeing it, mind...;->