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Well i'm in to alot of things, from Politics, UFO's, ET Disclosure, Ron Paul, Computers, Making Videos, Cats, Ghost Hunting, Gadgets (Tablets), Biking, Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Reading, Watching Films and Documentaries, and Movies.

My Dreams: I would love to see a world where we share resources, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, science, technology and our Love. I want to see a world where anything is possible and we can all reach for the stars, and not be so enslaved on this planet.

I strongly support Ron Paul, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Dennis Kucinich. Those are the Only politicians i really like.
This Channel covers: Politics, Ron Paul, Resource Based Economy, Economic Collapse, UFO's, ET Disclosure, Federal Reserve, Elections, Election Fraud, films, Documentaries, TSA, Police STate, Solutions, Ideas, New Technologies, Sustainable Living, Debates, talks, and a few other topics.

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