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Hello, My name is Jerr Lor. I am Hmong:D (HMONGPRIDE!) I basically enjoy making videos of me singing. I tend to learn as much as possible, but the thing about me is that I can't stay on one goal. Yeah, but as you can tell. I actually like to know a lot about lives on earth. It's so amazing. I like to listen to others stories, cause I always get to learn something about them:D I really think I'm beautiful and somewhat talented. I sing, dance, and SPEAK 2 languages. Hmong& English. I'm hoping to learn more Spanish and Thai. Gosh, this world is full of a lot of stuffs. Just hoping for me to get there though! Thanks for coming by!

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  1. Promise, amazing job! I don't know but Promise should do one tutorial of how to look like Kim Kardasian. :P
  2. JerrBeauty commented on Your secret
    I feel like I do this everyday. And yet, I loved this movie. It's very creative and BEAUTIFUL! Gives me joy:D