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  1. Robinson Company

    Robinson Company Baltimore, MD 21224


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    Jonathan and R.M. Robinson, also known as The Robinson Brothers, were born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As most up-and-coming directors, they took an interest to filming at a very young age by making live-action short films and stop-motion animation with action figures. As they became older they…

  2. Zack Schamberg

    Zack Schamberg Plus Brooklyn, New York


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    Writer/Director Contact: zschamberg@gmail.com www.zackschamberg.com


    KENNY BURNS Plus Atlanta Ga.


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    Noun: taste-maker [tast-mak(r)] 1. Someone who popularizes a new fashion. 2. Someone worthy of imitation. 3. A person who rules or guides or inspires others. Intriguing. Influencer. Outstanding. Exceptional. Crucial. All these words only scratch the surface of who Kenny Burns is. A native to…

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