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WHAT IS SONIC ACADEMY? is a new web portal for anyone who is interested in music technology - whether you're a musician, DJ or producer. We offer the highest quality video tutorials and resources, features, news, reviews as well as an online community where you can meet and learn from/share your knowledge with other music enthusiasts.

You can upload your music and have it rated by other music makers. You can register on our forum, purchase modules or get full access to the site and all of its resources by subscribing and becoming a Sonic Insider.

We have the support of some of the world's leading manufacturers of hardware and software with new partners coming on board all the time.

Our site is in BETA version so we would encourage you to register, have a dig around and tell us what you think. We think you'll like what you see and with new versions of the site already in the the pipeline, we're keen to hear your thoughts on what improvements we can make. So register and tell us what you think through the forums, or drop us a line at:

WHO ARE WE? has been set up by musicians, DJs and producers for other musicians, DJs and producers. We are passionate about music and technology and believe that the technology and skills needed to create music should be made available to anyone, anywhere in the world who wants to learn! is our way of spreading the word! All you need is a computer, software and hardware of your choice and your imagination!


New technology is allowing DJs, musicians and producers to express their creativity in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Our website allows you to learn how to use that technology to fulfill your creative potential at affordable prices.

Whether you are a student, bedroom enthusiast or are already living the dream, we offer a website which is dedicated to helping you learn to create music using widely available technology with excellent customer support from our world class tutors and contributors.

We will give you the information you want, high quality resource materials, in video and other formats that are best suited to your needs. You can watch tutorials, share your music, chat to other music makers from all over the world, listen and watch some of the world‚s leading musicians, DJs and producers all from the comfort of your own computer!


Passionate, Professional, Educational, Fun! (Yeah baby!)


Simple! To be the leading global provider of music creation training services and products. We mean business - watch this space!


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