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New York

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MASAE The Fire Exotica Performance Fire and tribal belly dancing and burlesque with a passion for creation and signature style. Her venues have ranged from the united nations, theaters and film and clubs to festivals.
She has produced for shows unifying diverse styles of art, fashion and dance through her own unique vision of color and beauty. Underlying the charisma that Masae brings to every performance is a style of dance in which her body movements are strictly in harmony with the music. An evolving and dynamic artist, Masae's goal is to bring color and joy to the world!

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  • Colorful artist - Masae is an award winning hair stylist and director of japan color association for non profit organization. The website about Masae's beauty work and color therapy.
  • Masae Satouchi - Actress/ Fire performer/ Burlesque/ Pin up


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